“I’ve got some advantages over Manny which people keep talking about.  I’ve got my height, I’ve got the reach, I’ve go the age on my side and I’ve got the hunger as well.”

shorts3Jeff, you have Sommer & Staff behind you as we always have been.  As proud founding sponsors of Jeff Horn since 2014 we will be watching and cheering ring side as thousands watch on Sunday 2nd July, 2017.  We believed in you from the onset of your fantastic boxing career.

Dan and Natasha have been members of Dundee’s Boxing and Fitness for over 5 years.  They met Jeff ‘The Hornet’ Horn at the gym and have been firm friends and sponsors ever since.

Jeff’s trainer, Glenn Rushton, a veteran with over 40 years of experience in the fight game and a canny eye for talent, believed back then that Jeff has the goods to go all the way.  Glenn said, “Jeff’s as tough as teak – no one has ever hurt him.  Not only that, he moves like a gazelle and hits like a mule. That’s a potent combination and one that will scare the living daylights out of most of his opponents.”

Good luck Jeff in the Battle of Brisbane, the WBO Welterweight Championship against Manny Pacquiao, we are so proud to be associated with you. We believe you will bring him crashing down.